Non Recourse Stock Loan – Securities Based Lending

Non Recourse Stock Loan allowing you to borrow up to 60% of your stocks market value with a competitive fixed interest rate.

Do you own any securities and would like borrower on them? The maximum amount that most traditional lenders will lend on a high quality securities portfolio is 50% of its value, and most securities on the foreign exchanges we lend on are not considered “marginable”.

We can offer a non recourse stock loan that does not require the transfer of control over the securities nor the sale of any of your securities prior to funding it. Our loan program keeps ownership of the securities with you, in your own account and a simple lender lien executed by the borrower, lender and brokerage ensures the lender’s interest for the term of the loan. You simply have a new brokerage account at a brokerage institution authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and a member of the London stock exchange. The account is a normal brokerage account, with all dividends to you, reports on demand and voting rights.

Union Coast Capital offers very competitive and flexible terms customized for each share holder. All stock loans are non-recourse, which means no personal liability to you in the event of default – ever! The stocks you own are the only collateral required to be pledged for a low interest loan.

Terms of a Typical Stock Loan:

  • Loan to Value (LTV): 55%
  • Interest: 3.5% Paid Quarterly
  • Non Recourse
  • Term: 24 months
  • Pre Pay: After 12 months
  • Closing: DVP or as agreed upon by Client

Minimum Requirements:

  • Minimum Loan Amount is US$500,000
  • Your stocks must be free-trading. Suspended trading or Restricted stock is not eligible.
  • Private stock, or stock that is not trading on a major securities exchange, is not eligible.
  • Setup a typical brokerage account in your name at our designated brokerage
  • Execute a Loan Agreement and Lender Lien Agreement
  • Shares can not be assigned or liened by a third party
  • Non-recourse loan products are NOT available to U.S. citizens

We accept all forms of free-trading or publicly traded securities on most Foreign Stock exchanges. Listed Stock Symbols must meet market standards to qualify for lending.

Country Exchange Exchange Abbreviation
Australia Australian Securities Exchange ASX
Canada Canadian National Stock Exchange CNSX
Canada Toronto Stock Exchange TSX
Germany Frankfurt Stock Exchange FWB
Hong Kong Hong Kong Stock Exchange HKEX
Indonesia Indonesia Stock Exchange IDX
Malaysia Bursa Malaysia KLSE
Philippines Philippine Stock Exchange PSE
Singapore Singapore Exchange SGX
Taiwan Taiwan Stock Exchange TSEC
Thailand Stock Exchange of Thailand SET


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